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Relax and Renew with Therapeutic Massage

Our healing, restorative therapeutic massage is one of the best massage in Sarasota options. It can incorporate Swedish and deep tissue massage strokes. When needed, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and hot stone massage are integrated.

Book a therapeutic couples massage today to experience the benefits of massage with the one you love!

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Our Massage Services & Pricing

Ready to schedule your massage? Here's our list of massage services and pricing.

60-Minute Massage


90-Minute Massage


60-Minute Couples Massage


90-Minute Couples Massage


60-Minute Facial Massage


90-Minute Facial & Massage

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Experience Couples Massage in Sarasota 

Are you and your partner looking for a way to connect through a soothing shared experience? We recommend booking a couple's massage in Sarasota, FL, with our experienced and friendly massage therapists. During the massage, you and your significant other will enjoy a warm and relaxing atmosphere nestled side-by-side on our comfortable massage tables.

You'll be able to choose from targeted massage therapy, Swedish massage, or our popular hot stone massage. A couple's massage session brings loved ones together ins a serene space to enjoy being pampered as a duo.

We look forward to scheduling your appointment very soon.

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Prenatal Massage Relaxes Mother & Baby

Research is proving that massage during pregnancy and labor can be instrumental for prenatal and birthing care. Pregnancy is beautiful but can be uncomfortable.

The best massage in Sarasota is what we provide women during this time. Benefits of pregnancy massage therapy include reduced anxiety and depression, relief of muscle aches and joint pains, and improved labor outcomes.

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Holistic Movement Re-Education

Designed to improve mind-body awareness, increase stamina, and reduce stress, holistic movement re-education combines the principles of Tai Chi, Biokinetics, Yoga and Trager movements, or mentastics. The latter produce pleasant sensory feelings believed to stimulate the central nervous system.

They trigger changes in the body's tissues through the intricate workings of the mind and body.

It's all part of the holistic solutions we've included for the best massage in Sarasota at Mind Body Works Massage.

Core-Movement Integration

Core Integration is a synthesis of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, myofascial work, and yoga/martial arts study. It uses the principles of good movement (resonance, lengthening, stretching, strengthening, and relaxation) to create a more integrated sense of self and feelings of free mobility.

C.I. transforms ingrained limiting habits to a higher level of efficiency that integrates into your regular life activities.

You can choose from either an individual or group session. Book your appointment online today!

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Play Better with Sports Massage

Sports massage utilizes specific strokes and stretches to obtain maximum performance with less injury or discomfort. Your sports massage therapist helps to increase your power, endurance, and flexibility.

Many athletes and dancers have reached the height of their abilities with our effective athletic massage techniques for enhanced sport performance. Schedule your athletic massage today!

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Targeted Deep Tissue Massage in Sarasota, FL

Are you struggling with sore muscles that you can't relieve no matter what you do? Our recommendation is a deep tissue massage in Sarasota. First, we'll locate the source of your pain and apply targeted pressure to the area causing the discomfort to release endorphins which are pain-blocking receptors. Soon, the areas of discomfort will wash away under our therapeutic fingertips, and you'll feel a great sense of relief. Our massage therapists have studied and practiced the technique of deep tissue massage for many years, and we think you'll be pleased by the results. Are you ready to schedule an appointment?

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Rejuvenating Facial Massage

This rejuvenating facial massage treatment uses only organic and natural products, including Rosetta's Pure products. Your facial begins with a neck and scalp massage, followed by a deep, non-invasive cleansing. Also, a mask is applied to tighten the pores while the feet, arms, and hands are massaged.

Next, a complete facial massage using essential nourishing oils and creams brings life back to the skin and relieves facial/jaw tension. The facial ends with natural facelift techniques to create a youthful glow.

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Tranquil Full Body Massage in Sarasota

Are you looking to release some tension and feel more relaxed than you ever have before? We invite you to book an appointment for a full body massage in Sarasota, FL. Our massage therapists would love to help you feel like your best self through therapeutic massage. During your session, we'll work on all of your muscle systems so that you feel completely refreshed and at ease. In addition, you'll get to choose from various essential oil scents to make your massage uniquely personalized.

We know a full body massage is just what everyone needs. Are you ready to schedule yours today?

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Shea Butter

For over ten years, Rosetta has been making shea butter body creams and a face serum for use in her massage practice in Sarasota, FL.

In addition to offering the pure and healing shea butter body creams to her friends and clients, Rosetta would now like to offer these gifts to the world! Rosetta's Pure shea butter body creams and face serums are hand-crafted unrefined, 100% natural and organic, and Fairtrade.

Also, try our incredible refreshing eye serum to soothe and brighten tired eyes. It works wonders!

Gift Certificates

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? We have gift certificates available that are sure to please even the toughest person to buy for.

It's a gift that keeps on giving with the multitude of benefits from massage in Sarasota, FL. Select from a one-hour massage, facial, or both! We have several options available to suit every need and budget. If you're not sure what to get, feel free to reach out to us.

We will help you surprise your parent, partner, spouse, or co-worker with the gift of mind-body-spirit health.

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Massage Therapy is the Healing Touch You Need

Are you feeling stressed and in need of a little pampering? We have a solution. Stop by our premier massage therapy clinic for a truly hands-on experience here in sunny Sarasota. Our therapists are certified massage experts who specialize in various techniques such as aromatherapy, Swedish, deep tissue, and pregnancy massage. We're here to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our therapists have a knack for working on sore muscles and relieving tension at trigger points. You just might walk out of our office feeling like a new person. We'd love to book your appointment today.

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Our Testimonials

Rosetta and Byron are fantastic, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing high-quality service to their clients. Highly recommended.

Nancy McMillan
I've experienced massage with both Byron and Rosetta of Body Works. These to gifted body workers are intuitive and highly skilled, always finding the places within that need special attention. The experience is always restorative and fulfilling.
Marlow Shami
I've received bodywork from Rosetta for 25 years. As a licensed massage therapist (LMT) I can discern the good-enough from the best-there-is and Rosetta is the best. She can determine what my body needs and lovingly applies it.
Hedda Leonard

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