Massage is no longer just a luxury.
It is essential for everyone.

Over 35 Years of Massage Body Work

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Therapeutic Massage, Sports massage, The Trager Approach, Facial Massage, Holistic Movement Re-education & Core Integration. Let us help you discover the best method for your mind-body-spirit.

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We offer Rosetta's own Shea Butter Body Creams, Face & Eye Serums and Gift Certificates for you to gift to your loved ones all sold exclusively here on our website.


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Byron &
Rosetta Eddy

Byron & Rosetta Eddy founded Mind Body Works over 30 years ago. Over the years, Mind Body Works has become locally renowned in Litchfield county, offering cutting-edge techniques and the unique ability to adapt and respond to individuals’ needs with a variety of massage and movement methods. Since then, they have most recently held their therapeutic massage practice in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Sarasota Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can incorporate Swedish massage, deep tissue work, reflexology, acupressure and hot stones. Benefits of massage include deep relaxation & reduced muscle tension.

Sports Massage

Achieve maximum athletic performance through sports massage. Benefits include reduced risk of injury, increased flexibility, improved endurance & flexibility.

Prenatal Massage

Our massage therapists are specialized in helping women during pregnancy reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches, and improve labor outcomes.

Holistic Movement Re-Education

Combines various movement modalities to improve mind-body awareness to reduce stress and increase stamina.

Dellagrotte Core Movement Integration

Core integration combines principles of good form during movement to create a more integrated sense of self and feelings of free mobility.

Facial Massage

A rejuvenating facial treatment that uses only organic and natural products to cleanse and tighten pores and bring life back to the skin using Rosetta's Pure products.

Shea Butter Products

Try Rosetta's Pure Shea Butter products, the same products we use in our massage work! Our Shea Butter is organic, unrefined and fair trade. 
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Mind Body Works

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