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Best massage we've ever had. We WI be back!
Gianna Squillo Avatar
Gianna Squillo
A massage from either Rosetta or Byron happily makes time slow down as I savor every moment of deep relaxation from head to toe. Massage is their art, and they are masters!
Florence Minor Avatar
Florence Minor
Byron has an incredibly vast skillset and can help just about every type body. His attention to detail demonstrates how truly talented he is and how countless years of experience have allowed for him to become a true master at his craft. For anyone looking for a massage or any sort of muscular healing, look no further. Mind Body Works is an incredibly down to earth company with unbelievable knowledge and experience from both masseuses. Highly recommend to customers of all ages.
Noah Van Handel Avatar
Noah Van Handel
The power of health is true wealth. Rosetta's massage is mind, body relaxation. I wanted to allow and align with my best body today. I went into her massage room, it's a sacred space. I felt complete trust, being in the hands of a master, who gave saw, and listened. There my recovery was felt. Thank you, powerful healing touch. MicheleJ. D'Ambrosio
Michele J. D'Ambrosio Avatar
Michele J. D'Ambrosio
Do not hesitate, you won't be disappointed. I have had many massages and a facial from Rosetta. She is kind and professional, she even makes her own healthy ingredient products. Just relax and enjoy, you are in good hands!
Susan Balestraci Avatar
Susan Balestraci
Treat yourselves! Byron and Rosetta must have 75 years combined professional massage therapy experience. They are seasoned in their massage craft, shining stars in NW Floridaand incredibly supportive of the greater wellness community and residents alike.
Sara Guillemette Avatar
Sara Guillemette
5 star ratingI have been blessed to know Rosetta as a massage therapist as well as a dear friend for over thirty years. My blood pressure goes down as soon as I turn into her driveway. It is a gift to have a massage and facial and I swear I look younger and more relaxed every time I leave. I can close my eyes and see myself in her presence, lying on the table unwinding as her healing hands make me feel instantly better. Slowly the cares of the world disappear, my breathing slows, and I am at peace.
Mind and Body Works-an apt name for a place I view as a sanctuary.
Paul A. Avatar
Paul A.
Mind Body Works is the best! Rosetta and Byron go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect and that you are as comfortable and cared for, as possible. The are knowledgeable and caring masseusses who are trained in many modalities. This means they can personalize your treatment for exactly what you need - physical or emotional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, relaxing and healing experience. we
Cynthia Rabinowitz Avatar
Cynthia Rabinowitz
Wow, truly the best massage in Sarasota!!!! Rosetta is gentle yet effective and I feel rejuvenated every time! 10/10 recommend.
Christina Ercoli Avatar
Christina Ercoli
Byron is an outstanding therapeutic massage therapist. His knowledge of anatomy, his skills, and his very unique technique result in a superb therapeutic massage.

With Byron's massage, the lovely soft music that plays in the background, and Rosetta's gentle herbal tea, your mind and body will experience a very special treat at this studio.
Maryl Levine Avatar
Maryl Levine
Love CT Mind Body Works! Rosetta and Byron are such caring, knowledgable and experienced massage professionals. Rosetta gives an amazing massage and facial with all natural products that she makes herself!!
Sarah Zimmerman Avatar
Sarah Zimmerman
I've been a client of Rosetta and Byron Eddy for more than 30 years. Over the years, I have used many other massage therapist when traveling and have experience with well over 20 massage therapist over the years. There is a reason I have remained a loyal and grateful client, among the reason are how great Rosetta and Byron are to work with. I have dealt with several physical mishaps including a serious bicycle accident two years ago and Rosetta has been amazing dealing with any special needs over the years. I cannot say enough great things about Rosetta and Byron, which is why I have sent several friends and family to them and will continue to do so.
Faith Vicinanza Avatar
Faith Vicinanza
I've experienced massage with both Byron and Rosetta of Body Works. These to gifted body workers are intuitive and highly skilled, always finding the places within that need special attention. The experience is always restorative and fulfilling.
Marlow D.J Shami Avatar
Marlow D.J Shami
Rosetta is 5 star EXCELLENT!!!!!! <3
Sara Orr Poskas Avatar
Sara Orr Poskas
Spending time with Rosetta and Byron is therapeutic in itself. They exemplify healthy living. Walk the walk and talk the talk! (I am so thrilled with the Gift of the Magi Cream! I've given it to friends who love it as much as I do. The scent is exotic, but not overpowering. Just beautiful.)
Leslie Ballard Avatar
Leslie Ballard
Felt right at home with Rosetta. Brought my 8 year old son for a massage session. He has been experiencing headaches on and off for a couple of months. He was very relaxed during his session. Rosetta’s experienced touch and wonderful energy really helped. She offered helpful advice and provided essential oils to aid in pain management. Looking forward to our next visit, staying on course to better health.
Stacy Perrone-Petta Avatar
Stacy Perrone-Petta
I was welcomed by Byron. I was nervous. Well I did not need to be! I realized he gave me the best massage ever back in 1991. I was so relieved to have found such a talented person again! I have degenerative disease of the lumbar spine, scoliosis and Lumbar stenosis . I have had PT, steroid injections , meds ( not opioids). My sweet husband went and bought a gift certificate for me! He calls me Boo Boo , my real name is Suzi .
Well Byron did not touch my lower back however with upper back massage and cervical work along with hip and lower extremity work I felt better for days . He has a gift .I cannot wait to book again. He kept me playing tennis after one massage . No pills or Advil. Thank you , Sue Cizek
Mary Smith Avatar
Mary Smith
Highly recommend! Byron and Rosetta have been doing this for a very long time and really know their business - in addition to being two of the nicest people.
Mickey Morris Avatar
Mickey Morris
I've experienced massage with both Byron and Rosetta of Body Works. These to gifted body workers are intuitive and highly skilled, always finding the places within that need special attention. The experience is always restorative and fulfilling.
Marlow Shami Avatar
Marlow Shami
I have been having Rosetta's massages for about 8 years and they are by far the best I've had. Rosetta uses a variety of therapeutic technics adapted to each individual based on their needs. I highly recommend her!
violaine mars Avatar
violaine mars
I highly recommend their services! They nurtured my body while I was performing in the area, and are all around wonderful people. I'm very picky as I have some chronic conditions. As soon as I was done my first session I knew I wouldn't trust anywhere else!
Danielle Bates Avatar
Danielle Bates
Rosetta and Byron are lovely people, and Rosetta gives a wonderful thorough massage, always aware of one’s needs and issues. A delightful person to spend an hour with. Also , an extraordinary Gardner! Thanks
Kelly Kurz Avatar
Kelly Kurz
Spending time with Rosetta and Byron is therapeutic in itself. They exemplify healthy living. They walk the walk and talk the talk! The infrared sauna is the most amazing treatment for ALL that aid you - renewing! (I am so thrilled with the Gift of the Magi Cream! I've given it to friends who love it as much as I do. The scent is exotic, but not overpowering. Just beautiful.)
Leslie Ballard Avatar
Leslie Ballard
My boyfriend and I first went for a couple massage, we both had a wonderful experience and love supporting local! Being a Dental Hygienist and carrying a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, Rosetta has done a GREAT job in hitting pressure points to release this tension. I highly recommend Rosetta and Byron! They have both been practicing for a long time, are extremely knowledgeable, and welcoming. Rosetta’s home made lip balm and tea are phenomenal! Can’t wait for my next massage with Rosetta!
agnes raczkowski Avatar
agnes raczkowski
I went to see Byron for a massage recently after I developed a minor sports injury. Byron took the time to understand my issue, and I left feeling the best I had in weeks! I would definitely recommend!
Samantha Boteler Avatar
Samantha Boteler
Byron and Rosetta couldn't be any nicer and more professional. I would recommend their services highly! Rosetta's skin care line is also a "must try"!
Anne Corsak Avatar
Anne Corsak
Refreshing and Peaceful! Rosetta is one of the nicest and most calm people I've met. She's very good at her practice, as well. What a gem of a person to spend a couple of hours with. I received a massage and facial as a gift through Mind Body Works and I'm so very glad I did. I left feeling refreshed and restored - body mind and soul. I'll be back again soon.
Amy Obolewicz Avatar
Amy Obolewicz
Byron is wonderful!! I am a professional dancer who comes to CT on occasion to visit my family. Every time I am home, I reach out to Byron to book an appointment. He always makes an effort to see me, even with a very busy schedule. His massages are truly among the top body work I have ever received- He is thorough and intuitive. I recommend him for every person- High level athletes, or someone who simply wants to improve their overall health and well being! Highly recommend.
Eva Janiszewski Avatar
Eva Janiszewski
I was diagnosed with scleroderma in 2003. For years I searched for a good Massage therapist. After many appointments and much disappointment I was referred to Rosetta and Byron, mind-body works. From that moment on I knew I found the perfect massage therapist! Aside for Rosetta and Byron being incredible massage therapists their knowledge of the body and how it functions was a godsend to me. It’s been five years and not once was I ever disappointed. My husband now sees her husband Byron who has helped him meet his goals for marathon races. The products they use during their massage/facial’s are to die for. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me in helping me overcome many issues from scleroderma. They deserve much praise for their works!
virna bergoderi Avatar
virna bergoderi
My husband and I went for a couples massage to celebrate our anniversary and it was fantastic! Rosetta and Byron were very warm and welcoming. They’ve created a wonderful, calming space as soon as you step inside the cute little doorway. We were even treated to some
delicious cold, herbal tea, made from their garden. An absolutely lovely experience. We will definitely be back. Thank you! ??
Laurie Winter Avatar
Laurie Winter
Rosetta and Byron are the best massage therapists you'll ever meet! We love them ever so much
Sarah &amp; Devon Avatar
Sarah & Devon
Rosetta and Byron are amazing massage therapists. They give you a warm welcome and make you feel so well taken care for since the very first moment you meet them.
They ask you questions in order to help you feel better and they always succeed in doing that: I feel restored and renewed in the body and in the mind after every appointment.
I am so glad I found them !
Luisella Rossi (Yogini on a Journey) Avatar
Luisella Rossi (Yogini on a Journey)
I could not speak more highly of Rosetta and Byron. With decades of experience, they are exceptionally good at what they do hands on. But just as important, they both bring broader interests and other trainings and practices to their work. They have a deep understanding of how our physical bodies represent just one aspect of how we live our lives. When they are working on you, they are tuned in to how you are doing emotionally and spiritually as well, and you will notice the effect after the session is over and you realize it is not only your body that feels differently. They continue to nurture and grow themselves in diverse ways and they offer themselves to others in ways that go beyond the massages they provide as their core line of work. Check them out. You won't regret it.
Tim Cole Avatar
Tim Cole
Not only do Rosetta and Byron offer unparalleled talent in the arena of bodywork and relaxing massage but, now, Rosetta’s pure, handmade, face, body serums and creams are available to nourish and revitalize. Facial Nutrition!(Putting that degree in nutrition to work!)
Nidhi Contessa Avatar
Nidhi Contessa
Mind Body Works (Rosetta and Byron) create an exceptional space for healing, peace and complete care of the body, mind and soul. Their expertise, empathy, and energy bring great peace and healing to every aspect of ones being. They are wonder-full!!!
Rose Isarose Avatar
Rose Isarose
Rosetta is a lovely person in addition to knowing all about the body and what it needs. When I've had a problem she works gently on the resolution and employs all different massage methods depending on what is needed. I highly recommend her!!
Jane Doyle Avatar
Jane Doyle
I've received bodywork from Rosetta for 25 years. As a licensed massage therapist (LMT) I can discern the good-enough from the best-there-is and Rosetta is the best. She can determine what my body needs and lovingly applies it. I always sleep better after a session. She is truly gifted.
Hedda Leonard Avatar
Hedda Leonard
Absolutely amazing massage. We had a couples massage and I have never been so relaxed in my life. My husband has had massages before and this was my 1st. Will Absolutely not be my last. Thank you guys for a uch a great experience.
Ken Raber Avatar
Ken Raber
I e had a few reviews with Byron for prenatal massage and will be booking every few weeks until my due and then hopefully after. The environment is very calming and peaceful. I prefer that to a chain or big place. The massage itself has been incredibly beneficial during my pregnancy. I’ve had a very rough time and I look forward to my massage. I wish I could go every week! I haven’t tried anywhere else in Sarasota and I don’t plan to. At some point I’ll be scheduling facials for my older daughter and myself.
Melissa Marino Avatar
Melissa Marino
So much more than just a massage! Rosetta is an amazing holistic massage therapist! She asks questions and LISTENS to your responses and knows exactly what to do for each part of your body. Her energy is warm and caring and the massage is relaxing and healing! I recommend that you indulge yourself and get the facial massage added on! Ahhh.....a massage given by Rosetta is a balm for the body, mind, and spirit....??‍♀️
Maggie Avatar
Rosetta and Byron were fantastic to my wife and I during our couples massage. Would highly recommend and book another session when we’re back in Sarasota.
Zach Jones Avatar
Zach Jones
Rosetta is AMAZING!
Dana Salvador Avatar
Dana Salvador
Byron and Rosetta are very good massage therapists and lovely, gentle souls.
Missy Stevens Avatar
Missy Stevens
I found Byron in February 2021 when I was looking for a massage therapist that could take my HSA. He didn’t know if it would work but he was sure we could figure it out and I loved that approach. When I came for the first time, he explained the way he worked and it sounded very cool, but I didn’t truly understand until I saw it in action. He has an understanding of the body and how the parts more together that continues to amaze me. He collaborates with the body to get it working in the way it is made to. He treats the body holistically and uncovers area for work through thorough investigation. No two massages are the same, but I have full trust every time in Byron’s ability to leave me better than I started. Thank you for taking such good care of me!
Annika Wreder Avatar
Annika Wreder
Rosetta and Byron are both incredible massage therapists. I also love Rosetta's facials and handmade skin care line! It's in the most enchanted garden, and you can feel the love and care they provide in every moment. I always leave relaxed and happy. It's been very therapeutic for a variety of health problems, and I'm definitely going to come back regularly!
Ramdesh Kaur Avatar
Ramdesh Kaur
If your body needs healing and your mind needs quieting schedule an appointment at Mind Body Works. Byron and Rosetta Eddy are gifted massage therapists with years of experience.Byron is a master in body movement and in body alignment. After having a massage with Byron I always feel completely relaxed, I breathe deeper and I move more freely.In addition to therapeutic massage, Rosetta also offers a lovely revitalizing facial . She has crafted her own line of pure face and body cream and a great pure under eye serum, that I use daily.Mind Body Works is a unique space, created by Rosetta and Byron that is holistic, inviting and deeply healing!
regina mastrianno Avatar
regina mastrianno
I have known Rosetta and her husband for over 30 years. They are terrific massage therapists. I am always highly impressed with their abilities. I have and will always recommend them to friends and family. They truly are special to us!
shelley smedberg Avatar
shelley smedberg
I have had numerous wonderful massages with Rosetta over the years! Her touch is perfect and her caring manner pure pleasure to trust myself to. I highly recommend her work!!!
Pamela Hochstetter Avatar
Pamela Hochstetter
Byron is an outstanding therapeutic massage therapist. His knowledge of anatomy, his skills, and his very unique technique result in a superb therapeutic massage. With Byron's massage, the lovely soft music that plays in the background, and Rosetta's gentle herbal tea, your mind and body will experience a very special treat at this studio.
Maryl Levine Avatar
Maryl Levine
From the walk down through Rosetta's amazing gardens, to the healing hands of Byron. These two will not only heal your body but parts of your soul. Go in for a massage or facial, but don't stop there, Rosetta's makes and sells her own skin care products for you to purchase. I could not recommend a better place for all your massage therapy and skincare needs!
Charles Read Avatar
Charles Read
I have been going to massage therapists for 20 years. Rosetta at Mind Body Works is the Best. She always knows exactly what my body needs through her expert touch! Highly recommend her for an amazing mind body experience. Susan Brouillette
Robert Brouillette Avatar
Robert Brouillette
Rosetta first massaged me pregnant 25 years ago! She has this ability to focus into your body’s needs. She’s trusting and professional and very kind. I have never been disappointed! Byron is also tremendous! No matter we’re ive gone.....there’s no place like home!?
Robert Mcildowie Avatar
Robert Mcildowie
Rosetta and Byron are fantastic, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing high-quality service to their clients. Highly recommended.
Nancy McMillan Avatar
Nancy McMillan
Having had at home massages for many years, when Rosetta (& Byron who has seen my husband) comes in the door, her warmth wipes away the days trials and tribulations. And when I get on the table and her amazing hands touch my aging and achy body, she manages to know the spots to go to and works her magic. I can leave her products on for the remainder of the day...no need to take that shower to get rid of an oily or greasy residue on my skin. And I feel safe with her knowledge of the body as well as with her years of experience and her expertise. Besides, I like her-as she is interesting, interested and kind.
Faith Drucker Avatar
Faith Drucker
Had a couples massage by Byron and Rosetta. I was skeptical that it was in a home, but the ambiance of the massage room is very calming. Rosetta gave us homemade tea made with herbs from their garden. The massages were full body and so soothing. They also were very attentive to the areas we had problems with and gave suggestions after the massage to continue healing those areas. Highly recommend!
Danielle Arney Avatar
Danielle Arney
My husband and I were visiting Sarasota and were hoping to book a last minute couple’s massage — and boy did we luck out. We stumbled upon Mind Body Works after a quick Google search, and could not be happier with our wonderful experience with Rosetta and Byron. I am nearly 8 months pregnant, and knowing that Rosetta was a doula prior really eased my mind about getting a prenatal massage. She was so amazing and the massage far exceeded my expectations! My husband was massaged by Byron and was also so very pleased. He was extremely informative and made my husband feel so comfortable and relaxed. We could not recommend them enough. Not to mention, they are just lovely people, their home is beautiful and they sent us off with homemade herbal tea. Don’t hesitate to book with them! We will absolutely be back next time we are in the area.
Natalie McGee Avatar
Natalie McGee
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Penelope Patricia Avatar
Penelope Patricia
We had such an amazing couples massage experience here! My boyfriend’s birthday wish was couples massages and we were so impressed and relaxed when we left. Such a cute and cozy establishment! We will be back for sure!
Ashley Walsh Avatar
Ashley Walsh
What an absolute privilege, a gift, and treat for my body. My massage with Rosetta Pardon Eddy was not only physically therapeutic but also profoundly spiritual. My cares of the world fell from my shoulders and love was infused back into my body by her skilled and purposeful hands.

She intuitively found areas that troubled me and poured into them. I felt completely blissful by the end and was moved to tears by the overwhelming sense of peace and serenity I was experiencing.

In addition to the best massage I have ever had, I found the environment to be beautiful and serene. Live plants, unique artwork, and gently flowing water all came together to create the feeling of an oasis from the world.

In addition to recommending that you schedule your massage, I implore you to do so. Self-care is a must and this level of true service is so incredibly rare. In your life you deserve to experience such a feeling of wellness and bliss.
Whitney Stetler Avatar
Whitney Stetler
I was referred to Mind Body Works Massage by a family member and will be forever grateful! For my first massage, I came hoping for a little relief from back pain. I left feeling so much better, and booked another appointment right away. After the second massage, I felt lighter and so relaxed, and look forward to my next appointment. Rosetta and Byron have created an oasis near the city of Sarasota, offering a peaceful retreat atmosphere. Their years of experience and techniques create the perfect massage, and it is wonderful!
Nancy Werner Avatar
Nancy Werner
Rosetta is AMAZING!
Dana Dali Salvador Avatar
Dana Dali Salvador
Byron did a wonderful job for both my pregnant and me for two, 1 hour massages. He was very thorough and had a great set up. He’s also prenatal certified which was a requirement for us. We especially loved their homemade tea with ingredients from their garden, and while one of us was getting a massage, the other had a quiet place to rest in their wonderful garden. They checked on my wife to make sure was comfortable regularly and we were very pleased with our experience overall. It’s good to know ahead of time that their massage space is in a converted space in their home. We always felt comfortable and there was a clear space with privacy and rest separate from their own living area. We would certainly return to Mind Body Word and would recommend them to you as well!
Jordan Meier Avatar
Jordan Meier
My boyfriend and I went in for a couples massage. What an amazing and relaxing experience. Rosetta and Byron took the time to ask us what area we would like them to focus on. Rosetta made us a delicious tea from the herbs in her garden. She even makes her own oils and lotions! My boyfriend said he had never been so relaxed in his life and I can definitely say the same. We will definitely be back!
Danica McKeon Avatar
Danica McKeon
Wonderful time!
Claire Holden Avatar
Claire Holden
What a wonderful massage experience!
Rosetta was very welcoming; greeting me with a warm smile and a cup of tea upon arriving for my treatment. I’ve never experienced a more relaxing massage than I did with her. She is one of a kind!
I look forward to seeing her regularly. I’m new to the area and feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful therapist. I highly recommend!
Lindsay Cook Avatar
Lindsay Cook
The first practice I tried many years ago when looking for a massage therapist, and I have never been anywhere else. Caring, professional and effective.
Charles Stauffacher Avatar
Charles Stauffacher
Hey Byron is Great person and these people care about what they do. ? strong hands. Wonderful experience!
Jeff Jay Avatar
Jeff Jay
What a way to start any day, a great, relaxing massage from Rosetta, restorative and energizing!!
Don Smedberg Avatar
Don Smedberg
I discovered Rosetta and Byron Eddy when my massage therapist retired about a year ago and recommended them. They have somewhat different methods of massage and I liked both so much that I alternate each week between the two of them. I believe some of my anxieties and frustrations are put on remission for at least that hour and sometimes beyond. Both of them are a delight to work with, they return calls for appointments promptly and I consider them professional in every way, nurturing and thoughtful.
Susan Smith Avatar
Susan Smith
This amazing couple have dedicated their lives to the healing power of Massage Therapy and MORE!!! I am blessed to have had both Byron and Rosetta help me maintain optimum health through their practices and products for the past two decades!!! It's one stop shopping to maintain balance in your life when you connect with these two fabulous people!!!
Cathy Soukup Avatar
Cathy Soukup
Refreshing and Peaceful!

Rosetta is one of the nicest and most calm people I've met. She's very good at her practice, as well. What a gem of a person to spend a couple of hours with. I received a massage and facial as a gift through Mind Body Works and I'm so very glad I did. I left feeling refreshed and restored - body mind and soul. I'll be back again soon.
Amy Obolewicz Avatar
Amy Obolewicz
I have been getting massages from both Rosetta and Byron of Mind-Body Works for over 25 years. I find their touch, professionalism, care and skill unmatched! When there have been problems, they both have knowledge in how to address the area specifically and thereby ease the discomfort immediately. As a woman in the height of the MeToo Movement, it's breathtaking to work with a man and have no concern of any personal violations. Byron's skill, talent, consideration and ultimate professionalism is profound. The same goes for Rosetta, her touch is completely knowledgeable and deeply comforting. Time and again I have benefited from her adept hands which are backed by her intense skill and open heart. I highly recommend Mind Body Works and encourage anyone considering a massage to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed and most assuredly you will want to return.
Thank you Mind-Body Works for your years of commitment and devotion to true and profoundly meaningful touch, I am better because of your work!
Victoria Christgau Avatar
Victoria Christgau
Normally I don’t leave a review but this place is awesome. After getting massage from Byron, my face color was totally different. Way brighter than before. Highly recommend.
Ella Lee Avatar
Ella Lee

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