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Published: June 28, 2019

When our body needs to take a break!

It's important to notice where our MIND goes when our body decides to stop functioning. When we're so used to always being on and accomplishing various tasks, it's difficult to just BE when we become ill. It is a good time to connect with SPIRIT and let the body rest. Can we be content with not doing and simply listening to our HEART and SOUL. Feeling the SUN penetrate every cell of our BEING. Reminds me of a pair of Monarch butterflies fluttering their wings blissfully in my garden. When they land on a flower, they fold their wings together for protection while soaking up the sun and flower nectar to nourish their essence. My friend, Arthur Luledjian was an example of someone who lived in Bliss all the time, despite his situation. Living all his life without electricity, running water, and phone. What he did have, no one could take away...TRUST, CONFIDENCE, LOVE, & JOY for himself which spilled over to anyone in his presence....Don't wait until you become ill! Spread your wings and then pause throughout the day to listen and BREATH...connecting with your Blissful SELF! To quote one of my wise teachers, Dr. Trager: "Less is More". Do less and accomplish more... "Tight Mind equals tight Body".... so flap your wings and soar! Blessings and Peace, Rosetta

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