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Published: September 18, 2019

Moving Back to move Forward!

All that is required for this mini-movement lesson is curiosity and an open mind.

First stand with your feet a little less than hip width apart and take a moment to sense how you feel. Where is your weight ? Don't change ,just notice.

Let your arms hang down by your sides, hands on the outside of your legs.Step your left foot back just a few inches and place it down.

Now raise the heel of your left foot as if to take a step. Lower it and do it again a few times. Pause. This time do the same movement but allow your right hand to gently turn your hip/leg slightly back. See if you can connect the two movements.The right hip going back as the left heel rises. Is it easier? Now try lifting the left leg in this manner and step forward. Do it a few times and then stand feet parallel and notice any changes, any comparisons between the two sides.

Then repeat on the other side stepping the right foot slightly back ,etc .Rest and observe. After doing it on both sides take a little walk. Not too far, just walk a few steps and feel the hip/leg moving back and the opposite hip/leg moving forward.

It doesn't matter if you don't get it the first time. Don't effort ,find the easy way. Practice. This pathway is in our DNA. The left side "allows" and "drives" the right to move forward and the other way around.

This just a small sample. Take your time ,proceed slowly. Try having someone read the directions to you.If you have any questions you can use the comment section below or contact us !

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